Heritage 2000

total stone restoration and renovation

HERITAGE 2000 is a successful stone restoration company based in Carmarthenshire that was founded by David Somerfield in 1987.

We aim to give a personal service working with integrity and sensitivity tailored to the needs of each individual project to produce outstanding results.

We have worked on many projects for The National Trust, Welsh Heritage (CADW) and on ecclesiastical buildings in England and Wales as well as for Local Authorities. We use, wherever possible, traditional methods and materials.

Our work covers a wide range of buildings - from castles to cottages - and we have an excellent reputation for the preservation of vernacular architecture throughout the UK.

Following the initial approach from a prospective client, David Somerfield will personally visit the project to give advice, an assessment of works to be carried out and the cost.

Our expert team is undaunted by a state of almost total disrepair.

Services provided by HERITAGE 2000

  • Full and Total Restoration and Renovation

  • Limecrete, Lime Plastering, Pointing and Limewashing

  • Stone Walling, Mortar and Dry

  • Fireplaces, Stairs and Steps

  • Garden Features

  • All Insurance Services

  • Mortar Analysis

  • Recordable Micro-Camera for Inspection of Chimneys, Cavities, Under Floor Boards etc.

  • Fitting and Monitoring of Tell-tale for Building Movement and Subsidence

  • And of course, Friendly Advice



Crug-las, Bethlehem, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, SA19 9DT, South Wales
Telephone / Fax: 01558 822000   Mobile: 07836 579095
 Email: heritage.2000@live.co.uk
VAT Reg no: 485201749